With Discord Subscription System, Server Owners Will Earn

Discord rolled up his sleeves to get him to further improve the hardware with his good system. So what exactly will premium message conversations look like?

Discord aims to make it easier for server owners to earn money with its subscription system. Home to the world’s largest communities, the names behind the app are starting to allow community builders to sell premium memberships to access some or all of the server.

Based on YouTube with Discord Subscription System

Discord said that the premium membership innovation in question is one of the most requested features by community builders. It is possible to do this through a third party such as “Patreon”, which although many communities are currently using this method, it was not possible to do it directly on Discord.

Discord, in its explanation of the benefits of premium memberships, stated that this feature is a modern and simple way to provide premium experiences for communities. You can set these memberships directly on Discord, set benefits gradually, and view detailed analytics on member engagement.

Prioritizing a fast and hassle-free process, Discord states that members can take advantage of the advantages given to them after making a payment. The best part of this membership system is that all transactions take place only on Discord. In other words, users no longer need to be dependent on Patreon and similar platforms thanks to this feature.

The new feature is currently being tested with a small community. Discord claimed that it is also very satisfied and excited with the feedback it has received so far. Of course, it was not surprising that users were satisfied. Channel owners were already able to do this, but had to maintain their dependency on other platforms for premium membership.

It will undoubtedly make the platform more interesting by enabling the community managers on the platform to make money more easily without any extra hassle. This will be a very lucrative feature not only for community admins, but for Discord as well. Although it has not yet announced how much will be cut from membership fees, it is thought that it will not do this completely free, at least in the long run.

The Discord subscription system will be available to more Discord communities in 2022. If you’re not using Discord yet, this seems like a good opportunity to start using the platform and building a community.

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