WhatsApp Announces New Voicemail Feature for iPhones

WhatsApp brings the new voicemail feature, which is tested in October, for the iPhone application with its latest update.

WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging applications all over the world, announced its new feature, which was in the testing phase last October. WhatsApp has announced that it has changed the voice recording system with the new update coming to the iPhone application. With the new audio feature that can be used on iPhones, users will be able to pause and restart the recording while recording a voice message in the application.

The voice message feature, which is frequently used by many people who communicate via Whatsapp, is making a difference with the new updates that have come recently. Finally, WhatsApp, which has pleased many people with the ability to increase the speed of voice recordings, is now making a new difference that will simplify the work of users.

In the new update, the tests of which started last October, users will be able to stop the recording while recording their voice recordings, and then resume the recording whenever they want. The feature, which passed the test phase, now meets all users. It has been announced that desktop tests of the same feature continue.

Messages Will Be Displayed in Focus Mode

Another innovation brought by the update is the iOS 15 update. With the latest update, WhatsApp‘s notifications will now be compatible with the ‘Focus mode’ of iOS 15. This means that messages sent by selected users from WhatsApp can be displayed on the screen even when the iPhone’s Focus mode is active.

Another new feature added to the application is that the WhatsApp photo of the person who sent the message or the group from which the message came will be displayed on the notifications screen. Although the mentioned innovation has been on Android devices for a while, this feature was not available in the iPhone application.

WhatsApp has announced that the distribution of these innovations in the iPhone application may take several weeks.

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