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Snapchat Username Change Is Coming! How To Android And İOS

Users finally get the long-awaited feature on the popular social media platform. Snapchat username change feature is coming.

As you know, on many social media platforms, users use their usernames. It is also mandatory to get a username on the Snapchat platform. The account user has to create a username of his choosing before using the platform. However, users may want to change their usernames from time to time. While many social media applications have allowed this situation for years; Snapchat didn’t offer this feature until now. For this reason, the company, which has been subject to frequent criticism, finally got a handle on this event.

Here are the steps to change Snapchat username:

  • Enter your profile by tapping the Bitmoji icon in the upper right corner of the camera.
  • Tap the gear icon, then “Username” and select “Change Username”.
  • After this process, the new username will be assigned to your account immediately.

The user name change feature, which was first tested in Australia recently, will come to all users as of February 23. With the feature announced that the platform will come to Android and iOS applications, users will be able to change their usernames without creating a new account. However, a user name can only be changed once a year. This is not the case with competing platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. There is also the case that a previously used name cannot be selected. In addition, according to the information received, when the new user name is switched, it will not be possible to use the old one.

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