Skype Challenges ‘Zoom’ with Latest Update

The innovations that come with the latest Skype update will satisfy users. Skype hopes its latest revision is enough to win you back.

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Skype’s latest update brings some features that have been missing for years, while increasing speed by up to 2000%. The details of the new Skype update announced by Microsoft are in our news.

With the coronavirus pandemic, not surprisingly, Microsoft has spent the past year and a half focusing on making Teams as great as it can be.

Skype, on the other hand, may not be your go-to in the age of Meet, Duo, and FaceTime, but it’s still a very popular tool for communicating with friends and loved ones online. Microsoft wants to modernize its once-dominant video chat application, starting with an entirely new design in the latest Skype update.

What’s new with the latest update to Skype

There are many design and software innovations in the company’s new announcement, but the most striking was Skype’s call network. The app’s core layout—what Microsoft calls the “call stage”—has new layouts and features to help it beat the competition.

For example, even if certain users have disabled their cameras, all users will now be included in the grid. Your own video feed will also appear in the grid so you can see how you look against other call members.

Together Mode and screen sharing will have larger video previews along the top bar so you can see people on the other side of the call.

Finally, you can choose to add a second and more important portable camera to the chat, thanks to a brand new tool called “TwinCam”. For example, you can include your computer camera in the search for the main image and your smartphone for the secondary image.

Additionally, customized notification sounds will finally let you exit the classic Skype sound library. Even smaller usability changes, such as expanding the web client to include all browsers, are enough to make up for years of shortcomings.

According to Microsoft’s claim, this update will increase Skype’s desktop performance by 30%, resulting in a better messaging experience overall. As for the mobile app, it claims 2000% acceleration on Android.

Skype may appear to be in danger of being abandoned, but the new update once again confirms that the app will still stay up to date. All these features and more will be available to web, Windows, Android and iOS users in the next few months.

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