New Feature For Voice Messages From Whatsapp: You Can Now Play In The Background

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced that it has brought the long-awaited background audio message playback feature.

Instant messaging application WhatsApp, which is among the first choices of millions of people all over the world, continues to announce its innovations. Announcing that it has brought the ‘cover image‘ feature used on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook into practice for companies in the past few days, WhatsApp has now announced its new feature that has been expected for a while. With the new update of the application, voice messages can now be played in the background.

However, voice messages only worked in the chat window in the WhatsApp application, and users had to stop in the chat window to listen to the audio recordings. Unfortunately, some audio recordings were long, which was a problem. The background voicemail feature that many people have wanted for a long time has finally arrived.

With the development of technology, many people’s conversations shift to virtual environments, but of course, there are some problems. One of them is not being able to fully express the emotions to the other party in written messages. Although WhatsApp offers many options such as stickers, emoji, and gifs for this situation, one of the features that many people use the most is still voice messages.

You Don’t Have to Wait Anymore with Whatsapp, Voice Message Feature in the Background!

The new feature will be available starting from version 22.4.75 of the application. This will also apply when you exit WhatsApp. For now, it is not yet known when the feature, which only works on the iOS operating system, will come to Android users.

With the update that WhatsApp has released for the iOS operating system used in the Apple ecosystem, you will no longer have to stay in the chat window to listen to voice messages. iPhone users will be able to listen to incoming voicemails in the background and switch between other windows during this time.

Focus Mode

In addition to playing voice messages in the background, the iOS version also gained focus mode support last month. This feature has made it possible for people you allow to send you messages while the focus mode is on your iOS 15 iPhone.

In addition, features such as pausing and resuming a message while recording a voice message in WhatsApp have also arrived. Among the expected features of WhatsApp this year; There are also critical innovations such as Instagram Reels, logging out, hiding the last seen from certain people.

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