Microsoft Took Its Place Among The Top 5 Tablet Brands For The First Time!

Strategy Analytics announced the statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021. Microsoft is among the top 5 selling tablet brands for the first time.

Strategy Analytics research company has published its report on the tablet/PC market for the fourth quarter of 2021. In the published report, a decrease was observed in global tablet sales, while at the same time reaching 1.9 million sales figures for the first time with the Microsoft Surface tablet series, it was among the top 5 companies.

One of the striking points in the report published by the research company is that there were 25 percent fewer sales in 2021 compared to the last quarter of 2020. It is estimated that the pandemic in 2020 and the global chip crisis in 2021 have an impact on this. While high sales were recorded during the pandemic, the demand for tablets decreased gradually in 2021.

Global Tablet Sales Continue to Fall

Top of the list was Apple, with a share of nearly 31 percent and 14.6 million tablets shipped, yet iPad shipments fell 21 percent in one year. Following the results of the quarterly conference, the company announced a 14 percent drop in revenue from tablet sales. Apple says a significant drop in iPad sales has been in the 10-inch iPad models, and it thinks it’s due to component shortages.

Samsung comes right after Apple with 7.3 million sales and approximately 16 percent share. Amazon with 5.8 million sales and 12 percent share, respectively, is followed by Lenovo, which has 10 percent of the industry with 4.6 million tablet sales, and Microsoft, which has a 4 percent share with 1.9 million devices.

Samsung sales fell 28 percent compared to 2020, Amazon sales fell 13 percent and Lenovo sales fell 17 percent.

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