Images of the Foldable iPhone Prototype Revealed New

Famous designer Antonia de Rosa designed a foldable iPhone prototype. The designer named the prototype he developed as ‘iPhone Air’.

With the development of rapidly developing technology, improvements were made especially in smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers, who want to offer users something different, have been working on resistive phone models lately. Apple, which we are used to seeing as the leader in the market, lost the leadership in the durable phone market to Samsung. Recently, phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi are working on durable phones and offering them to users. However, the giant company Apple has not yet made such an attempt.

The ever-growing foldable phone market lately does not include the Apple that we want to see in the competition. Apple has yet to make an official counterable phone announcement. Although many claims have been made to-date, a designer has drawn a lot of attention with the new durable iPhone model he designed.

Foldable iPhone Prototype from Famous Designer

Famous designer Antonia de Rosa has designed a new durable iPhone model. The designer named this iPhone prototype ‘iPhone Air’. The device is designed as a powerful device powered by the 5nm Apple M1 chip carrying 16 billion transistors. The M1 chip powered the latest iPad Pro series and was developed by Apple to replace Intel processors in Mac computers.

Although Apple’s foldable phones are thought to be still in the testing phase, the company is also known to follow the reactions to durable phones sold by Samsung.

On the other hand, when the foldable phone prototype called ‘iPhone Air’ is examined, it is seen that there is no port on the phones. Just to be honest, Portless phone design is not new to Apple. Portless design is an attempt that Jony Ive, Apple’s former head of design, just failed to do before leaving Cupertino.

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