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How To Share Location Via SMS On Android Device?

Envision being caught in a remote spot with basically no web association where you need to impart your area to companions or family. There are numerous ways of sharing areas, however the majority of them require the Internet. Be that as it may, assuming that you have a cell association, you can utilize the generally overlooked SMS element to do this. To start with, open Google Maps on your Android. Presently find the spot you need to share: If the guide is saved disconnected, you can physically look for milestones or utilize the area button to get the ongoing directions utilizing the GPS on your device. Presently it will require a couple of moments to get the directions of your area. Tap the Send button when you’re finished and share it with your message. Your contact will presently get an instant message with a URL showing their ongoing area.

You can utilize two strategies to impart your area to your contacts. This incorporates sharing directions straightforwardly with the Google Maps application or sending them through the Google Message application. With the presentation of RCS (Rich Communication Services), the Google Messages application currently upholds sharing of different media content including contacts, documents, voice reminders, area and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Thus, you can utilize something similar to impart your ongoing area to your loved ones.

Send Location via SMS on an Android Device

  • Go to Google Play Store and quest for Android informing applications. Then, at that point, download and introduce it.
  • Then, at that point, go to your Android settings and set the default informing application to Android Messages for Android. This guarantees that every one of the highlights of the application work entirely on the Android device.
  • When done, open the Android Messages application and create another message. Feel free to choose a contact and compose a message and afterward tap on the More symbol. From that point, select your area choices.
  • Google Maps GPS will bring your ongoing area so you don’t need to stress. Select your ongoing area on the guide and acknowledge for message. After the endorsement interaction, you will get a thumbnail of the area.

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