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How to Increase PUBG FPS? PC

Which methods should be applied to increase PUBG FPS? Here are the methods to increase FPS in the popular battle royale game!

What are PUBG FPS Increasing Methods?

  • Editing graphics settings
  • Changing the power mode
  • Update the graphics card
  • Close programs running in the background
  • Hardware refresh

Which methods must be applied to develop PUBG FPS? If you are experiencing freezing and stuttering issues while enjoying the triumphant fight royale online game, you can comply with some steps.

The video game, which was launched on December 21, 2017, grew to become free to play in 2022. In the hit online game, one hundred avid gamers leap on an island and battle to be the last survivor.

The characters who soar from the aircraft to the island would not have any weapons on them. Hence, it is fundamental to choose the place to be jumped appropriately and to act swiftly after leaping to the island.

So as to play the standard PUBG: Battlegrounds smoothly, your approach must meet some necessities. Before efficiency development methods, which you can assess our PUBG approach specifications article.

1. Changing Power Mode

If you are playing the popular video game on a laptop, there is a method you can use. Laptops have power mode options to keep the battery going longer.

If the “Better battery” mode is active to make the battery last longer, you will not get full performance in games. For this, you should set the power mode to “Best performance”.

2. Editing Graphics Settings

The first method you can apply to increase FPS in the video game, which is very popular all over the world, is to adjust the graphics settings. The hardware on your computer may be having trouble playing the game at the current settings, and this will cause you to get low FPS.

Open the settings page of PUBG: Battlegrounds. Make changes to the graphics settings on the settings page. For example, you can select the settings with the “High” option as “Low” or “Very Low”. Thus, you can get a performance increase.

It is important to remember that the hardware components in the computer must meet at least the minimum system requirements.

3. Updating the Graphics Card

Eski sürücüye sahip olan ekran kartları video oyunlarında düşük performans elde edilmesine yol açabilir. Bu sebepten ötürü ekran kartınız güçlü bile olsa sürücünüzü güncel tutmalısınız. Ekran kartı güncelleme işlemini yaptıktan sonra bilgisayarını yeniden başlatın.

4. Closing Background Programs

Programs running in the background may be the reason why the hardware is underperforming in the video game. For this reason, you should close the programs running in the background before entering the video game.

5. Hardware Refresh

If you have applied all the methods above, but you still have the problem of stuttering and freezing in the game, you can renew the hardware of your computer. Components such as video card, RAM, processor you have may not have enough power to play the game.

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