Cell Phones Will Now Connect Directly to Satellites

What will happen when ep phones are connected to satellites? Gone are the days of “no signal” with the advent of the Lynk satellite network.

Lynk allows any phone to exchange data with a satellite without the need for a special antenna or chip. The company demonstrated a two-way data connection this week and announced its first network partners in Africa and the Bahamas: If all goes well, it won’t be long before you can get a signal anywhere in the world.Initial tests of Lynk, formerly known as Ubiquitilink, showed they could counteract noise, doppler shift, and other factors that have caused some experts to call the task impossible. The company sent its first SMS via satellite to the phone in 2020.

This in itself is a remarkable ability to serve governments and network providers. In emergencies such as after a natural disaster or power outages, ordinary mobile networks cannot be relied upon to send important messages to the affected areas.

What will happen when cell phones are connected to satellites?

The company explained that by establishing a two-way connection between a phone and a satellite (Shannon), someone without any special equipment can both receive and send data. Of course, we are not talking about a lot of data, but it is more than enough for an SMS, GPS location, weather report or the like.

“We’ve repeatedly demonstrated the two-way call flow required for a phone to connect to our base station in space. This two-way call flow includes a device request for channel access followed by the associated authentication and location update procedures across multiple locations,” said Lynk Manager Charles Miller in the press release. -includes downlink and downlink signaling example.” said.

The company is negotiating with dozens of network operators around the world, but regulatory and market issues remain in many places to focus, such as the United States. Miller is still confident that they will form an important part of the global communications infrastructure.

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